Eve's Version

Written & performed by Deborah Lubar. Deborah Lubar is a monologuist who has toured widely with her performances about women from around the world who endure societal upheavals with courage and strength, many of these solo pieces inspired by real women (although for "Eve's Version", no interviews were available). She has taught theatre at Oberlin, Hampshire and Smith Colleges, and combining theory and skills from both theatre and the healing arts now trains dramatic writers and performers across the country. Her book, For Love of the World: A Harangue with Practical Guidance on Writing & Performing Solo Dramas That Matter, offers reflection and tools for those creating their own monologues for today's world.

Telfair Peet Theatre, Auburn University.

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    No sabado, estava a aguardar a luz verde na ilha paseio entre os dois sentidos da avenida quando muitas buzinadelas sacudiram o carro que se atreveu a rolar mais lentamente indiferente a' pressa dos que seguiam atras. A senhora ao meu lado sorriu e olhando-me disse com um forte sotaque que la' no Brasil a gente costuma dizer nessas ocasioes: vai pescar, vai!  

  2. # Anonymous Z

    Gostei muito...grande companhia...  

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